2 comments on “Destiny Fulfilled?

  1. Your article, as you say, seems to represent the views of a majority of other gamers. I have previously noted my opinions on the title in a former post of yours Sir, however, recently I have been playing a lot io Vanguard and Crucible, and although I am annoyed one is only able to acquire 100 Crucible or vanguard points a week, and am double annoyed it takes so long to increase your Crucible, Vanguard or Future War Cult (et al) rank, I cannot deny the entertainment. Despite the feeling that it is annoyingly unfair that players with more health or better armor are thus, surprisingly more difficult to defeat than novices, and the abilities ultimately feel more like a cheat (except for when yours truly uses them, then they’re just plain awesome!), I believe I could probably play the multiplayer aspects of the game endlessly without becoming tired, despite the lacking number of maps, amidst the sheer repetition of it all.
    Additionally, the promise of future map packs (on the 6th of October apparently there will be a new release regarding the Awoken Queen, who asks for your assistance) ensures that new life may continuously being poured into this project, but why it could not be included with the original product is beyond me. I guess I wonder if one will have to fork out additional cash for this particular add-on, or will it be a free download, like the last update?
    On a side note, someone spoke to you? Wow! You must truly be someone of importance! I’ve had my head set on dozens of times and no one has ever said a peep to me.

    • Oh its completely biased and unbalanced, which truly annoys me. I gain far more success in crucible with close quarter combat than I do with a gun. It does feel very lazy, certainly one that is a victim of its own hype. Oh and the person that spoke to me was only someone on my friends list. But I’ll admit I was shocked!

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