2 comments on “Is Destiny The Game You’d Hoped It Would Be?

  1. Although I chose the over-hyped option in your survey, that is not to say that I do not necessarily dislike what I have played of Destiny thus far. The graphics are bright and beautiful; the weapons are quite kick-ass (although you only become accustomed to one before you need to trade-up); the fighting is quite frenetic and the player basically never lets loose on the trigger; the history of the cultures and the war is really well built up and helps the player (well, me at least) feel immersed in the environment, and the game of course gets kudos for allowing me to play as a girl (and an alien girl at that! Wowers!)
    However, there are a number of annoying factors I believe take away from the enjoyment. One, the inability to converse during game is annoying, and even when I have my mic on during a fire-team gig, the others players usually do not. Just last night a couple of players pointed at me to get my attention. I would have felt more comfortable if they shouted ‘hey dickhead!’ over a mic. Certainly would have acquired my attention a lot faster. Moreover, I was playing with a fire-team on the moon, and having read the strategy guide (which doesn’t even come with an index so trying to find stuff is downright difficult), I knew the vulnerability of the behemoth boss we were facing down, and I was unable to convey this knowledge to my team who were shooting everywhere but his/her/its vulnerability.
    Additionally, another annoying factor I found is that when you play a mission that requires a fire-team to complete, if there is a slot open on a team already engaged in the mission, you are thrown in there; even if they have managed to get to the end of the map, meaning that I inevitably need to go back and begin the mission again later if I want to get my money’s worth.
    What really cheesed me off though, is the sub-class features. I chose to be a Hunter because I love being invisible and stealthily approaching bad guys with a blade. Having reached level 15 on the Gunslinger mode and unlocked Blade-dancer, I realized that if I wanted to use these nifty new abilities, I would have to do everything again; gain grenades, learn double jump, everything I had already done about 14 levels or so prior, which meant more grinding was necessary. Although the continuous appearance of new meat to vaporize is fun, fighting in the same area agaisnt the same relentless nasty’s eventually left me feeling a little tired.
    And don’t even get me started on the Crucible. I used to think I was a not half bad player. Either I really suck, and I just didn’t know it, or Destiny is really unfair. I noticed that the one who begins a match is able to decide how to play it; including if the level of a Guardian comes into play, so, say a level 6 is battling a level 20, I think it’s obvious who will win. This of course is not always the case, but it has been my experiences. I had better be level 100 next time I decide to humiliate myself like that again.

    • I haven’t delved quite as intimately into Destiny as you have, but I’ve found the initial experience riveting. Will post a more extensive opinion of it soon once I’ve allocated suitable time to discover is pleasures and highlighted grievances. Interesting to see your reaction on it though. Cheers.

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