2 comments on “Are Head Mounted, Virtual Reality Headsets The Future Of Gaming?

  1. You should poke around gamesindustry.biz just to read some of the pro-VR posts from people working on projects. As they’re deep in tis stuff, they have some interesting perspectives on the matter. I think VR will do really well as a commercial “walk in, pay ten bucks a pop and have a short blast” thing as opposed to something that EVERY person will “want” or “need”. Price and games/other entertainment NEED to be top notch, as a bad game will sink the tech if it’s seen as something that makes the tech look bad.

    • It is interesting to see such technology that 10 years ago I would have associated with some far out science fiction film,to become somewhat of a viable commodity for consumers. I’m still unsure how there’ll necessarily fit into the games industry, but like you said it could be something that people will play for short periods rather than gauge themselves.

      Appreciate your comment and recommendation. Will check it out.

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