3 comments on “And The Winner Of E3 Is……..Lethargy.

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  2. I believe you are 50% accurate Sir. When I viewed much of the online content, a number of the videos from E3 were talk fests, with interviewers talking to developers who postulated about how wonderful their title will be; how it will reflect this game and that; how the AI will blow our minds; how the graphics will be so next gen and will redefine the genre.
    On other occasions, like you specified, there are these short trailers where we are treated to gorgeous visuals; like the Halo 5 multiplayer trailer; about 15 seconds of watching Spartans clench their fists; the Doom 4 teaser; 1:27 seconds of listening to the soothing voice of a vixen describe how everything has gone to hell, with a partially visible cyber demon in the background. I thought potentially the best trailer was for the Master Chief Collection, however, again, much like you specified, the content of the trailer is never reminiscent of what is to be expected during game play.
    On the other hand, when there was game play, like in Star Citizen, the trailer went for less than a minute, and we barely glimpse enough to satisfy our thirst for knowledge. If anything, the only trailer that really caused me to jump up and down with glee was COD Advanced Warfare; it was by far the longest, and showed more action scenes and technological advancements than any other title.
    Finally, I guess I do partially agree with your sentiment. These are video games, and therefore, people should have the option of seeing what the video game will look like, rather than being entertained with a wealth of trailers that fail to coherently visualize in-game graphics, controls, options, or other such vitally beneficial information.

    • In regards to the Doom trailer that was so generic in context, that if it hadn’t of stated that it was Doom at the end, I wouldn’t have been any the wiser! It’s things like that that we really annoy me about E3. There’s creating tension and there’s designing every game to feel like a Michael Bay trailer. (I really should stop picking on Bay, but he makes it so easy!)

      Appreciate your comment mate, as always.

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