2 comments on “Are Digital Downloads Really The Future For Game Ownership?

  1. Future schmuture–Digital Downloads are the present. Between the success of Steam and the download services that all three major consoles provide, owning physical copies of the game in my experience is more of a conversation piece than anything else. For better or for worse, it’s just where we are.

  2. This is an issue (maybe not the best word to use) that has been plaguing me. Digital Downloads of entire games have been dancing on the edge of the horizon for the past few years. I remember buying HomeFront back when it was released on PC, and after bringing it home and inserting the disc, I discovered I had to download nearly 40GB worth of game because the disc was blank, and in a game where the single player campaign only lasted four hours and something minutes, I was insulted by such a proposition (I took it back and replaced it with a PS3 version, where the entirety of the game was on the disc).
    Today, more and more games are going in the same direction. I understand that it saves on costs, for no distributors are required, and thus saves on profits regarding BluRay discs and boxes. However, for someone such as myself, who has a 15Gb internet plan, I would be required to spend months downloading a portion of the game each time, before I had the option of playing it. Now, I don’t exactly have the funds to pay for infinite internet in my country per month for the rest of time, and I think that my having to wait an excessive period to play a potentially long awaited title is simply a greedy decision made by these gaming monopolies, that in the past few years have proven they care less about developing games, as much as they care about making a return. Games bomb out as often as they succeed, and I guess saving on money is one sure fire scheme of saving one’s ass if everything goes belly up upon release.
    I have no qualms with DLC’s and online multiplayer; my only concern is that gamers such as myself are going to be punished for the decisions made by individuals in charge of gaming development. At the moment as many games are released onto disc as they are as digital downloads. But in the future, there is no doubt likely to change.
    Creating a poll about this particular notion obviously means you have been thinking on the subject matter. Sir, might I ask, what are your thoughts regarding digital downloads?

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