2 comments on “Never Leave Your Games Console!

  1. Ha ha, wow, that sounds awful. Two experiences come to mind – both of them on coaches too! Coincidence…? I’m not so sure.

    Journey 1 was a 3 hour trip from Birmingham to London with a friend. It sounds remarkably similar to yours except we were approached by a 16 year old kid, who bothered us for pretty much the entire trip. My friend tried desperately to ignore him, but after he asked for our names, and I gave out my friend’s name as Dan, he responded, “OK, I’ll call him Dee Dee”. Then he started calling out loudly (even though my friend was right next to him) “Hey Dee Dee, hey Dee Dee, HELLO!?” etc until Dan reluctantly obliged him with a response. When I eventually told him we’d prefer to be left alone, he responded “OK, that’s fine, I’ll just watch”, and placed his head above the seat in front of us so he could listen to us and look at us while we talked. In the late stages of the journey when it was clear he wasn’t going to go away, we both pretended to be asleep. At that point, he started asking us random questions and then (when we didn’t respond) answered his own questions in a series of lengthy monologues. These monologue sessions included topical gems like “what’s your favourite ancient civilisation? Mine’s the Aztecs because…”

    As for Journey No. 2, which thankfully I missed but my friends witnessed first-hand, featured someone at the back of the coach projective vomiting all over multiple people in the rows in front of him mid-journey. That’s all I know, and that’s all I want to know.

    And that’s why I get the train.

    • The blight of modern society has seemingly been revealed as coaches it seems. Perhaps its the weird assembly of individuals that provokes such wanting anguish? Though I don’t know what that says about me? Alas if I had saved my pocket money like a obedient, potential responsible adult that I should be I definitely would have travelled via train, or car, or flown, or walked, or be carried like an invalid by Game Of Thrones Hodor, or even crawled on my belly across broken glass tipped with sulphuric acid. Anything other than the tormented hell I was subjected too instead!

      Thank you for sharing your hellish experiences. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right. Right?!

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