One comment on “We Are All Just Newbs!

  1. I completely agree with you description. It pains me to watch people not familiar with video games try and play them. Something that is so natural to us gamers like walking through a door can be the most complicated thing to someone who has never touched a video game before. When you mention the limitations of current video games this is true as well. Most gamers can spot the difference to a door that you can go through on sight. We understand that NPC’s can not be killed, at least not normally. We have all gone thought he learning curve of understanding video games it is just hard to watch others go though it. I do think however that video games in the future will not have as many limitations as the ones currently. They may not have limitations at all. If you take a look at Dead Rising, Skyrim, or GTA V, those games are huge and for the most part allow you to explore and go though a whole lot of the virtual space that they have. Granted some doors are still closed and you still an not kill some NPC’s but for the most part they re vast and amazingly complicated, Enough to satisfy for the most part. However, I believe that in the future you could be walking around inside of a game and come a cross a structure of some sort or a person, and just destroy it or kill them and there will be no restriction in the way you do it. Now lets not just focus on destruction. You could just as well add on to the structure or give the person a new hat. Anything could be possible.

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