8 comments on “Gaming; It’s All About Sex?

  1. Apart from being exceedingly hilarious, unfathomably sarcastic and vigorously truthful, I think it is a safe assertion to proclaim that members of the human species have an unquenchable love affair with sex and violence, and always inevitably shall. As times have consistently changed in the video game universe, more adult concepts and further refined story lines are producing environments very similar to cinematic productions and literary texts. Games are simply allowing their audiences access to the realism of real life human courtship and the (occasionally senseless but often necessary) bloody violence that people (by ‘people’, I mean me) bounce up and down for.
    Some games allow their audiences access to a ‘child lock’ to remove such segments of the entertainment, but those who do, and I apologise for such a potentially heinous injection, are hypocrites, and are denying themselves access to that which will quench their appetites. Although graphically, the avatars on screen are perhaps yet unable to provide a living being with any sense of pleasurable arousal (Alma Wade jumping on top of Becket at the end of F.E.A.R.2 and raucously wailing at the top of her lungs however was quite something), games are likely to produce more affectionate realism as the evolution continues.
    As for the brassiere comment, perhaps men who have unfathomable difficultly wrestling certain ladies undergarments from their upper bodies, should invest in a For Dummies, Bra Removal Strategy Guide.
    Very interesting post.

    • No need for the bra removal strategy guide. Scissors work just as well. For cutting said undergarments, not for threatening woman obviously.

      Thanks for the comment. Always appreciated.

  2. “But the lack of foreplay, cuddling and belated cigarette to mark the occasion is just negligent.”

    Exactly! Sex in video games is about as unsexy as it gets. I think though, like Motörhead (and million of others) have said, the chase is better than the catch, and games, especially those from the likes of Bioware, have gotten better about the creation and building of relationships between characters. That’s what I like in games that allow relationships – trying to form bonds rather than simply jumping one’s virtual bones. There are M-rated games, and then there are (one, two, a few? not many) truly mature games that try to embody what it is to be a human that just might want to be intimate with another human. Nobody’s hit the nail on the head quite right just yet.

    • I think your right. Bioware to their credit have attempted to portray a tangible relationship that has progressed from indifference to eventual intimacy of their characters. That is to be commended. All though it would be a lot easier to accept the intimate moments if Shepard didn’t have a constant, vacant expression on his face or and the corneas of a serial rapist!

      Appreciate your contribution, as always.

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