4 comments on “Graphics Matter. But Only In RPG’s?

  1. One of the games I’m playing now is Heroes of a Broken Land: http://wingedpixel.com/ and I’m enjoying it as much as (and in fact, MORE than) other more visually impressive games. I love the realism in Skyrim and other modern RPGs, but I’m old enough to not be swept up in graphics first. When I worked in game retail, we’d have customers always coming in to ask for the latest and best-looking PC games just to show off that new 3D card they’d bought. I recall asking one guy how many of those great-looking games were actually GOOD and admitted that the number was lower than he’d liked it to be. That said, one game I’m looking forward to is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I love CD Projekt RED’s attention to detail in the previous games in the series and this one looks spectacular. An actual world to navigate and not a series of pretty room and field boxes that you can’t interact with.

    • A perfect game is one that melds a beautifully sculptured world, immersive in its subtleties and one with a combat system that to the casual observer makes me look good. So with any luck that will be represented by The Witcher 3.

      Appreciate your input. Sorry it has taken so long to respond.

  2. “hallucinogenic beverages (and chicken)” – sometimes your blog posts make me feel strange.

    On-topic, no I don’t think there should or need be a graphical distinction between different genres. A company like Square Enix delivers good graphics and detailed environments because those are the trappings of the so-called triple-A game, but that criteria applies in any genre when companies go for that “blockbuster” type feel, and the rest is simply a matter of taste about the sorts of art styles that appear in certain genres.

    For me personally graphics are hardly important at all, although I appreciate good art style. Also a glance at my blog reveals I’m still exclusively playing PS1, PS2 and Saturn games – I didn’t even make the jump into last-gen and before I knew it, it was already next-next-gen.

    Whatever the genre I guess having a good art style is a definite plus to pull people in. Honestly though I suspect on the developer’s part it has more to do with impressing those fickle game reviewers into giving the game coverage rather than enticing fans with graphics alone.

    Basically, I don’t think fans are holding their breaths on how detailed the main character’s desk will look in Persona 5, they’re probably more concerned with how the cheesy story will turn out 😛

    • It’s certainly true that artistry of a blade of grass isn’t important when a blue, spiky hedgehog is dashing past before you’ve even glimpsed the radiant background. But if your attempting to convey a world that feels natural, graphics are focal immediacy in conveying that principal. Though conversely your not likely to feel inducted if your enemies can’t negotiate around obstacles to attack you, but simply run in a stationary position wondering why they cant progress.

      Appreciate your comment. Sorry for my latent response.

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