2 comments on “All We Want To Do Is Criticise.

  1. Really interesting post. I think that on one hand gamers do expect a lot from the titles today, but with technology going the way it is and companies continuously attempting to outdo one another, can gamers themselves be blamed for their excessive delusions of unfathomable grandeur?
    I think at day’s end, gamers are really interested in: realism, narrative, frantic multiplayer action and marvelous graphical supremacy. However I do agree that often one aspect inevitably counteracts another. During an interview in 2009, a developer at id talked about a Rage demo they had played for fans and the general feedback which had been acquired. He concluded that gamers wanted to have the expunged cartridges from the fired rounds to erupt from the left side of the machine-gun to ensure a realistic atmosphere – yet at the same time complained that the bullets temporarily obscured the screen whilst erupting from the weapon and contemplated having the machine-gun adjusted so the cartridges came out from the right – yet that would not be realistic – quite a quandary.
    In today’s time where games are catching up with cinematic performances, I believe that realism and fantasy are in a odd place where fusing together is an illogical step forward.
    If I were to make a general statement, I would say that there are some amazing games out there – and everyone eventually wants the next game to be even better. Take Destiny for example – it looks awesome; it seems awesome, but if it’s not, probably every gamer is going to fly to Seattle and slap Bungie across the face. No pressure.

    • We are victims of our own imaginings. And your right about the intense, often ridiculous pressure place upon devs to deliver the great gaming experience everyone expects. I just hope no one alters a characters hair in Destiny. Because that would be heresy!

      Appreciate another well articulate perspective.

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