2 comments on “The Elder Scrolls Online And The Moaning Imperialist Part 2

  1. Well, as the game wasn’t developed by Bethesda and is set outside the TES series’ timeline and they’ve noted that the single player TES games aren’t going anywhere. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about, Karl. I hated the idea of a TES MMO as soon as I heard it, but a few people I know who’ve seen it up close and personal say it’s not bad at all and again, as it’s set in a different era, it doesn’t kick the series in the teeth.

    As for when a new solo TES game is coming? Who knows? I do know Bethsoft needs to take time to have that story written up, make a new engine and tech that can be used on PC and console and get that all blended together. If I had to guess (and I hate guessing!), I’d say we won’t see any news coming about that new game until 2015 unless they’ve been working in secret on stuff and roll out a super early teaser trailer at E3 or afterwards…

    • I’m more than sure that your right about the elder scrolls. But a good as it looks, I simply can’t warrant the initial asking price. Not without incurring serious repercussions from my bank manager.
      Appreciate your comment. Cheers.

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