2 comments on “The Extinction Of Hope

  1. Well written post. I believe animal cruelty, when found in video games, is often unfathomably unnecessary, for there is often no possible way to justify the slaughtering of creatures that are not attempting to victimize the protagonist. In games like the Elder Scrolls, I personally did not believe that the killing of animals, innocent of not, was unjust. Carnivorous creatures more often than not made the first advance, whilst herbivores the likes of the deer that pranced about Oblivion provided the character with the essential products of meat, making the killing of such an animal mandatory for survival rather than trivial fun.
    However, Far Cry 3 was the complete opposite, where you are given free reign to run around extinguishing poor little critters for your own psychopathic amusement. Although I am hypocritical for mentioning such disturbing occurrences as I am guilty of taking the lives of several animals in game, I did so (although this fails to justify me violence) to gain the ability to build bigger rucksacks. However even when I had promulgated said carrying bags, the missions were still plentiful, and I for one was often disgusted by what they involved; hunting down tigers with a flame thrower? Killing wild dogs with a bazooka; impaling sharks with arrows; hunting the three little bears with a desert eagle. Just the very mention of such atrocious crimes made me sick to think about what they would look like visually when attempting such criminal actions.
    But is this what the mainstream enjoys? It was only a couple of months ago that the state of Montana legalized the killing of all Montana wolves, sand despite a petition which I and several thousand other people internationally signed, the unjust slaughter was allowed, with more hunters coming forth to kill wolves than there were wolves to kill. Although these animals, real and fictitious deserve better treatment, does mainstream society even care? Would video game developers put such content into their games if they did not believe there was a market for it?
    Although games may attempt to justify these actions as entertaining, I still feel they are morally wrong. But in about 50 years time the only animals we are likely to meet are in video games as we are already on the verge of extinguishing almost all of them from reality as I write this comment. My question is; when every animal is extinct – will it be morally wrong to harm animals in fictitious environments?

    • Probably one of my biggest gripes is the excessive use of bludgeoning animals with the proverbial hammer, with no beneficial reason for its cruel demise. Why incorporate such explicit, totally unnecessary malice purely for entertainment purposes? Just seems like regressed human decency and potential sanity. Personally–in response to your final question–I already find it inherently immoral.

      Appreciate your comment and views. Have a great Christmas.

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