3 comments on “Is Motion Control The Future, Or Just A Gimmick?

  1. Interesting question Karl. I do enjoy motion control and I love my Wii. The advent of new input methods can only be a good thing. Just look at the multitude of ways in which we interact with our devices now touch screen, motion control, vr, gamepads, mouse keyboard to name but a few. All of them are viable methods so long as they work effectively and add to the experience rather than deter.
    The combination of traditional control methods and motion control is the one that excites me most at the moment but the magical combination of occulous rift and the omni directional treadmill could be set to change all of that for me.
    How are you enjoying ps4? We should try and get a game of something sometime. My psn is eniek-tri.

    See you on the next gen field of play. 🙂

    • It’s interesting just how subjective motion control is, me however, well I’m still to be convinced that suggestible flailing of my appendages will ever envelop me in a game as much as the digits on my hand provide. As for the PS4, despite the latency of truly great titles–to which I will write about soon, the console itself is faultless, with a controller that feels intuitive and responsive. You should also have received a friend request from me now.

      Appreciate your comment and continued support.

      • Yup request received and accepted. I’m loving the console too. BF4 has been our mainstay since launch. Quim has been doing some write ups for the hardware and the ftp games over on our site. More to come in a few weeks regarding vita remote play and the AAA titles.

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