One comment on “Time (And Cover) Heals All Wounds

  1. Sir, are you suggesting that you would prefer more realism in games? Get shot in the arm – suddenly cannot use it. Shot in the leg – suddenly you are forced to limp to the finish line. Shot in the stomach – you need to hold your hand to your guts, attempting to hold them in as you blast away with your other hand at all of the other opposing forces?
    I think that cover is now a necessity in games as the idea of a health line is almost absent from the stereotypical shooting experience. Apparently the new Wolfenstine will be bringing the concept kicking and screaming into 2014, but with games the likes of Gears, Halo, Killzone and COD mastering the whole cover system, I think we are going to be seeing more of it in the long run. I don’t think this comes down to a question of preference or a question of whether it is employed too frequently, but to a question of which franchise you prefer, and whether you are willing to accept the developers way of thinking.
    I mean, COD originally had a health bar and gradually moved away from it, with the player either coming to terms with this system or running for their lives in the opposite direction. Insomniac returned the health bar in Resistance 3 after receiving a number of nefarious comments about the major differences employed in Resistance 2, but seriously, I cannot imagine many a developer adopting a health bar over the automatic regeneration.
    If Half Life 3 and Doom 4 ever manage to hit the shelves (certainly not holding my breath though), I would not be surprised if the health bar is gone from these titles in exchange for automatic regeneration.

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