4 comments on “Footprints In The Sandbox

  1. Something that has kind of bugged me this gen… and maybe it is not so much something developers have done a ton. But a great game comes out and gamers are like, “Well that was awesome… they should make the sequel open-world… bring it to the next level!” Grrrr…

    While say Batman Arkham Asylum wasn’t completely linear, going full on sandbox with Arkham City hurt things in my opinion. Linear is okay and sometimes it is better. I’m still of the mind that platformers are generally better when linear for instance. I guess this is my way of saying good point with this blog!

    • Often games try so hard to expand on a games landscape, without thinking about filling it with any cohesive, vibrant content that entices gamers to explore. And your right that devs often associate bigger environments as better. Sometimes forceful restraints are requisite.

      Appreciate your opinions on linear vs open worlds.

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