3 comments on “Second-Hand Quality

  1. Used games and Steam sales are the two things that still have a stranglehold on ky wallet throughout the year. I have no problem buying a used game as long as I know it works and it’s a price that I’m willing to pay.

    • Second hand gaming is creative in the way it allows individuals who lack required funds, to still be able to game in some capacity. It’s also great for discovering titles you may not have necessary invested in at full price. Glad to know it’s still an important part of the industry.

      Thanks for your comment and support of second hand gaming.

      • Anytime, man. This was a great article to read and reminded me of the importance of used games.

        If it wasn’t for the used games market I’d probably have a LOT less games or just focus all my time and money on my PC. Hello, Steam!

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