2 comments on “Cynical Pessimist

  1. Well said. I, too, have a a generally negative outlook on life, but I try to not let it get in the way of *all* things. In terms of gaming, I went into a very reserved period after being so disappointed by Uncharted 3, a game about which I was extremely excited. And I let that dissapointment guide my gaming choices for some time after. It led to more than a few unhappy moments. Picking up GTA V has helped turn things around for me. And even though I’m not yet sure of my place within the next gen, I feel much more optimistic about the (near) future of gaming than I have in awhile.

    P.S. I hated to avoid your GTA V musings, but I’m still only in the beginning stages of it. I’ll be sure to return once I get more of the gamer completed.

    • Disappointment is almost a perennial influence in gaming now, stemmed from the devs insistence on divulging every available piece of information 6 months prior to a games release! Expectation–as I have often stated–is the most detrimental state we can have, but are powerless to stop.

      Appreciate your views on this and it’s probably for the best that you refrain from reading any of my GTA V disclosures. There’s a few spoilers among them.

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