4 comments on “Nolan North; The Infinite Degree’s Of Seperation

  1. I knew that North had a substantial resume, but after reading your post, I had to IMDB him. Goodness, it’s more than substantial…it’s simply astounding! I had no idea that he was such a prolific voice actor. His turn as Nathan Drake will always come to my mind first — he breathed so much life into a character that could have easily become “male adventurer #14.”

    • It’s staggering the quantity of games this one man has contributed too. You could argue that he would take any job, but personally I wish he would take every job. The world needs North nourishment!

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. When you wrote ‘Nolan North’ the name went right over me like a freak wave. Despite the fact I have played the the Drake games, I had no idea that the man voicing the character was, well, Mr. North. If you had written a post about Jennifer Hale, who has been the voice in, I do believe, over 300 video games, if not more, I would have nodded in acceptance. I mean, Commander Sheperd in ME, not to mention the one, the only, Aayla Secura! Meow!

    • And that is the measure of a quality voice artist; when their vocals have been so sought after, so prevalent in a variety of titles without becoming stagnant, or even that recognisable on occasions. Voice artists such as North and seemingly Hale really don’t receive the credibility and respect that other conventional actors do. Apart from refined individuals such as ourselves of course.

      Appreciate your comment and another voice actor to admire.

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