3 comments on “Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Controller?

  1. I’ve definitely taken moments of pause to admire visual spectacles in games. Dishonored and Arkham City comes to mind as games where I stopped more than once on a rooftop to take in the view. Less detailed graphics don’t bother me as much as poorly rendered graphics. But honestly, more often than not, I usually get so wrapped up in just playing a game that I don’t notice the environments. Shame on me for not taking in all the efforts of the developers to make grass look like grass!

    Also, Knightley is rather boyish in form. Natalie Portman is her much more awesome doppelganger.

    • Playing games and enjoying the game-play is the fundamental purpose. It’s always nice when you can gaze wistfully at exotic backgrounds,but the real importance is the fun. I also thoroughly agree with your statement regarding Natalie Portman. Awesome indeed.

      Appreciate your comment and insights as always.

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