8 comments on “The Spawn Of Gaming Anger

  1. I’m currently playing through Metal Gear Solid 2, it is easily the more infuriating game I have ever played. The amount of times that I have died… it isn’t even funny. And when I’m not dying I’m cowering in a locker somewhere waiting for the alarms to go off.
    “Raiden!” shouts Snake as I fall off another ledge into the sea, or get crucified by a gang of mercenaries, or as I get blown up by one of Fatman’s bombs for the hundredth time.
    But, it’s still fun. I’d far rather be on the edge of my seat, than sat back breezing through the missions.

    • Sometimes its worth persevering through tough, often frustrating circumstances to discover the fun. Though often its difficult to really see why your bothering to suffer so much unnecessary pain.

      Thanks for the comment and good luck with the rest of MGS 2.

  2. Absolutely! I always allow my emotions to get the better of me. Sometimes I manage to ensure a mature response but more often than not, it is pure unadulterated rage! Quite a few games cause me to become infuriated. I have a low tolerance for failure, so if I cannot succeed in the accomplishment of the mission parameters after a short period of longevity then I basically become a psychologist’s wet dream and go darn bonkers. The last game that caused me to hurl a few profanities was Fuse, just a week ago or so in fact. During the single player campaign, having to rely upon the artificial intellect of the team to save the life of my character before the buzzer ran out in which I ceased being somewhat dead to completely ‘game over’ dead, made me quite infuriated. The lack of many checkpoints and the general fact that I often kicked off after going so well didn’t help the emotional torture that gripped my heart with ruin either. Amazingly enough I played the campaign three times. Couldn’t have been that bad…

    • It often amuses me how much tolerance we as gamers actually exhibit when we really want to prevail, regardless of the futility of our growing frustrations. But it nice to finally accomplish some semblance of satisfaction from these tribulations.

      Appreciate your comment. Sorry for the late reply.

  3. I get so enraged during online games, most FPS games like Halo and Call of Duty. Sometimes I’ll shout unnecessary stuff into the mic at teammates or enemies, but lately I’ve been getting better and turn my mic off when I know I’m about to get mad or I turn off the game and do something else entirely.

    As for single player games… Anything with artificial difficulty (cheating AI, poor camera controls, or trial-and-error gameplay) makes me mad, but I know to avoid most games with that now.

    • Its hearing people’s very audible satisfaction at your demise that causes me to retaliate with erratic, often misguided intent. I hate those people who take joy in my defeat. Though in fairness it isn’t hard to achieve.

      Appreciate your comment on a very infuriating aspect of gaming.

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