2 comments on ““Single” Handedly, Lost Gaming

  1. I agree with you that multi-functionality is an incredible aspect of the new gaming devices being unveiled this year. However, if you look around at all the other electronic devices we use today which additionally are capable of multiple abilities and actions, perhaps the developers are simply attempting to keep their creations in sync with the rest of the technological advancements happening around us to make certain that the game devices don’t get left behind. However, if this be the case, then the excuse I just promulgated is very lame. You are right – a game device should play games. If I want to watch TV, I’ll, oh I don’t know, turn on my TV? Or hell, why not use my laptop? Or my computer? Or one of the other hundred billion devices that can broadcast the any number of channels available to me at any given time of day?
    As for the new games to be released on the systems, I am kinda looking eagerly forward to E3 this year to see what is on offer. COD Ghosts already looks impressive, but they mentioned I think around eight new franchises and some future expansions of old faves for the Xbox. Sounds quite interesting.
    As for whether or not I am impressed with what has already been shown; I myself have been fixated on the news concerning the Xbox One, and I think ‘freaked out’ would be a better term used to describe my anxiety (your word – very good word FYI to describe this) towards it. The mandatory need for Kinnect, along with the installing of games and having to instigate the ability to initially play them online seems abnormally spooky. I think Microsoft have become so infatuated with the internet with regards to the future of their console they have forgotten about many of the features which made their former two devices so entertaining. I mean, if the internet crashes, then no more playing the Xbox, period, until some bunny restarts it. That really makes me so (insert unfathomably long and horrifically vulgar sentence filled with vile profanities here).

    • I think there is always an element of fear when new consoles demonstrate what their key focus will concern in the future. The second-hand saga which continues to rattle on has certainly fuelled criticism towards the Xbox One, rather unjustly in my opinion. Regulating a system that both Sony and Microsoft have lost considerable money on is to be expected, and anyone hoping that Sony won’t take action the way Microsoft intend to, are going to be left equally disappointed.
      I still remain optimistic for both consoles, despite my obvious favorability to the PS4.

      Appreciate yet another well articulated view.

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