2 comments on “A Good Hero, Needs Great Support

  1. I agree with you. In many games the lead protagonist is focused upon and although you, the player, portray the lead character, if the fellow members of their team/crew/band were real, they would no doubt feel cheated that they don’t receive much credit. For instance, at the beginning of Halo 4, Dr. Halsey says to her interrogator ‘do not underestimate (the Master Chief)’ although, without the assistance of the always plucky Cortana, Chief would never have been quite as successful in his campaign. Your mention of the Mass Effect franchise additionally is a perfect example, with Sheperd being hailed as the hero/heroine of the story, yet, the assistance of those that followed her/him into battle was paramount to such heroism. Although in many games one acquires enough information to understand who their fellow AI characters are (much like in Unreal II with a substantial back story in regards to Aida, Issac and John), I agree that one can never be without too little information, for never is our thirst for information satisfyingly quenched.

    • I know trivialities such as characters motivations aren’t necessarily the most pivotal implement’s when creating a game, but it seems odd that many games attempt to be more cinematic and narratively more absorbing, but then fail to include any believable back story for other characters. You can have a lead with more layers than a football sized onion, but if the support cast aren’t fleshed out with equal vigour,then even a well dimensioned protagonist can’t save a game.

      Appreciate your comment, and again sorry for the late response.

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