2 comments on “It’s Simulated For a Reason!

  1. Great post! I agree with you one hundred per cent. Realism is an unnecessary aspect in any text, whether that be a video game, a film or even a book. All one requires is the mere suspension of disbelief to adequately digest the delicious offerings that entertainment can provide. If we wanted realism we would grab our sofa, take it out to the front yard, sit down and watch the world roll by. Over-embellishing plausible occurrences is incredibly entertaining and should not be questioned, for we go into the text knowing it is not going to be real. If we wanted a real experience, we would not be sitting down and experiencing a fictional world; not at all. For instance, back when I was just a puppy and lived with the rest of my family, my mother most of all would question everything that happened in a film, TV show or video game; ‘oh, that can’t happen; he could not have survived that fall!’ ‘Wait, they didn’t explain that properly!’ ‘Why is Superman wearing his underwear outside his pants? That isn’t right!’ Just enjoy it woman!

    • Glad you understand the point I was trying to make. There’s nothing wrong per se with a little realism, but events in gaming need embellishing otherwise what’s the point?

      Thanks for your comment. Sorry it’s taken so long to write a reply.

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