6 comments on “Assassins Creed 4; The Curse Of Prosperity

  1. Hey Karl,

    Great post as always. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment that kind of release is doing nothing but harm to the gaming industry. I loved the first AC and was so excited for the second but I have not bothered with the third because of bad reviews and a general sickening of the premise and stagnation of progress shown by the studio. I think AC 4 will prove to be the final nail in the coffin for the walking corpse that the franchise has become.

    • It will certainly be interesting to see whether the fourth instalment–though I believe it is the sixth–will restore some dignity that has been lost from the rushed distribution of some of its previous titles. Sooner or later people will get bored, and Ubisoft would have lost one of its most auspicious assets.

      Appreciate your views and your like. Always appreciated.

      • I have always considered Revelations and Brotherhood to be expansions to ACII rather than fully fledged individual titles but now that you mention it I suppose they should be considered numbered games which further proves your point 🙂

      • Though not technically numbered titles, its difficult not to consider versions such as Brotherhood to be direct sequels, in a similar way that Vice City and San Andreas were sequels to GTA III. At least in my perception.

        Thanks for your comment.

  2. Yeah they have really overdone it. I was a big fan of II and have just liked them less and less since then. I generally dislike yearly sequels anyway, but these type of sandbox affairs are usually typically pretty lengthy. So I got like 30 hours or so out of AC2 which for me added to the fact that I would be good on the series for a couple of years. It was great, but I was full if that makes any sense.

    AC3 really soured me on the franchise. It was kind of a mess. My favorite bits were actually the naval missions and accompanying pegleg levels, so the idea of this “fourth” one sounds cool in theory, but they have already lost me. I won’t be back to this series for some time. AC4 is a bargain purchase for me at best.

    • It’s good to know that I’m not the only whose been left rather empty by some of the Assassins Creed games. I truly believe that we will be lucky if the series retains any credibility with the fourth.

      Appreciate your comment and obvious anxiety for the future of the series.

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