2 comments on “RPG’s- Reiterating Plot Generics?

  1. I agree, LOTR really started it all, and fantasy is very derivative. Sometimes it’s fun; there’s a comfort in knowing that when I load a fantasy game, I can probably see some elves and maybe a dragon at some point. The originality comes from how the authors or creators deal with those tropes. But I suppose even when I think an author is dealing with them creatively — such as in the Witcher books — I realize that tons of other stories have done the same thing. (Skyrim also has its racial tension, etc.)

    It would be lovely to see more fantasy with original races and monsters. And with no chosen one. We really don’t need any more of those!

    • There is something very comfortable about a familiar story and recongnisable race of people, and I certainly enjoy experiancing similar events, enemies and worlds. Theres a sense of stability with such inclusions, I just wish the stories incorperated varfied enough stories for the genre to feel even slightly fresh. And your right, we certainly don’t require anymore chosen.

      Appreciate your thoughts.

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