2 comments on “The PlayStation 4; The Future Of Gaming?

  1. I think your post perfectly summarised the reveal of the PS4. I personally expected more than what was revealed, but the year is still young. As you stated, they need to capitalise on this venture. By showing off their console in dribs and drabs, perhaps they are hoping to grow a larger market, rather than simply showing everything off in one foul swoop.
    I however am still awaiting the announcement from Microsoft about their new XBOX, however the knowledge that it will only utilise the ‘Kinnect’ system does not cause me to jump up and down with joy. I am glad though that they intend to keep the 360 operational, as not all games will be Kinnect capable.
    Hopefully more information will be revealed – and soon. A gamer can’t wait around forever for such information, right?

    • My only concern with the next gen consoles, specifically Sony and Microsoft is that–much like this generation, theres going to be very few things to distinguish the two apart. I think its all going to come down to content and price again, though I hope I’m wrong. Needless to say, I’m going to have to accumilate funds from somewhere to afford the PS4 and games. Damn you advanced technology!

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