4 comments on “Gaming Music; The Environmental Necessity

  1. I totally agree about the importance of music! I don’t know about you, but I often purchase the original soundtracks of video games that I especially enjoyed. This way, I don’t necessarily need to replay a certain section of a game over and over again as to successfully relive its harmony.

    • I do exactly the same thing with music. The DMC 4 soundtrack is norammlly my music of choice to get me to work in the mornings, which subsequantly wake me up. And sonic the hedehog music tends accelerate my pace if I’m running lete. YouTube I find is an incredible place to discover forgotton musical nostalgia, where I generally spend hours scouring old gaming music.

      Appreciate your thoughts.

  2. Though I’m usually oblivious to music during games, there are two soundtracks that I simply adore: Super Metroid and Fable. Hearing Super Metroid, everything from its world themes to the “item found” tune, opens the floodgates of memory. As for Fable, I just really enjoy each composition and how well the whole soundtrack describes the game. Sure, there are individual songs here and there that I like, but Super Metroid and Fable are the only two game soundtracks that I have on my iPod.

    • I believe the that the best kind of music are the ones you don’t really notice playing the game, because its so intricately wovan into the gaming seams. But later on you find yourself humming or tapping your fingers on the dashboard to some tune you know, but can’t quite remember from where.

      Thanks for your comment.

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