4 comments on “Size Does Matter

  1. Great post. In 2003 when games began to considerably grow smaller I began to believe that a game’s longevity was paramount to my enjoyment, and I continued to hold onto this belief until quite recently. The game that changed my mind was Crysis 2. A great game, yes, but there were a few occasions closer towards the end when I wondered if the game had continued past where it could have ended in a desperate attempt to develop a longer piece of entertainment. I concluded that although I may not be impressed if a game only goes for a few hours (I’m talking to you Halo 4!) I will enjoy the game just as much as I would a game that provides me with a longer narrative, as long as the product unrelentingly entertains me. In answer to your question, in my opinion longevity is great, but it is not the fundamental principal tied to one’s enjoyment. There was a time when I would not believe I would ever write such a thing. Cheers!

    • I have always believed that the fundemental principle of a great game, whether long or short is the enjoyment you gain from it. On the whole, I think I’ve always enjoyed the shorter experiances compared to the longer, almost drawn out experiance afforded by more grandurous titles. And I think your right that games like Crysis 2 need to know when a game has reached a natural conclusion.

      Appreciate your comments and thoughts as always.

  2. I used to prefer long games — like RPGs that let me run around for 40+ hours if I wanted. But now I don’t always have time to finish those games, or I feel pressured to game more than my schedule allows because the next new release I’ve been waiting for is coming out. A game like Skyrim is fun to abandon and come back to, but I need to complete more linear games in one go (without too many other games interfering, that is). I guess I still enjoy longer games, but I’ve come to enjoy many short games without worrying too much about how long it takes me to finish. Replay value is important there, as I do enjoy replaying favorite levels, etc.

    • Time is such intricate componant of gaming now, or lack of it. The great thing about Skyrim is that there isn’t really a right way to play it. No determining location that you have to go to, no wrong turn. Though being such a vast game does mean that without a considerate expense of time, your probably be playing it for the rest of your life. Though that doesn’t really sound so bad.

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