2 comments on “Which Console Has The Most Accessible Controller?

  1. I haven’t played a lot of Wii games, so can’t remark on that much. But between the PS3 and 360, I find the 360 much more accessible. The 360 controller has buttons/sticks that move a little tighter, whereas the PS3 controller is a little too roll-around… or just too responsive, I guess. I’m much more accurate with the 360; with the PS3, I tend to overshoot my moves sometimes. Also, the PS3 controller seems a little slicker to hold, which is another point in favor of the 360 controller. Of course, that may well be a simple preference built on the fact that I started playing on the 360 first!

    However, I really like the PS3 triangle, circle, square, X buttons. Easier to remember than the 360 ones, in my opinion.

    • Its strange, differing contributions that impact on individuals playing styles. My biased opinion is always in favour of the Ps3. The contours in its shape, the subtle twitch of the stick, everything. Whereas the Xbox equvilant just feels cumbersome, like a brick with buttons that seemed to be applied by a blind child. But thats just my opinion, there really isnt a right answer. Though I’ll admit that I do fear breaking the damn PS3 controller sometimes it feels so weak.

      thanks for your comment, its greatly appreciated.

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