2 comments on “GTA; The Vice Of Life

  1. Great post! The most defining game I probably ever played, believe it or not, was Heretic, a long, long, long time ago. Heretic was the first ever FPS I ever played, and was additionally the very first violent game I ever became involved with. I was only six at the time, but my father said to me one night, with unanimous praise from my mother, that if I enjoyed chess, lemmings and Putt Putt that Heretic would blow my mind. Well, it totally did, and from that defining moment I never wanted to play any other game that did not involve an over-excess of gore and a whole lot of intense shooting and action packed scenarios. After this came Hexen, Doom (which surprisingly enough my father seemed to want to keep away from me. Amazing – Heretic; a game where you blast enemies into little bits he shows me when I’m just out of my infancy basically, yet he winces at the idea of me battling demons from hell in Doom?). This then led to Quake, and finally to my never ending avid fascination with gaming in general. Now, I’m seldom far from my gaming device. It’s amazing what one little game can do to you – and suddenly your whole life changes.

    • Thats the exact same feeling I had when I played GTA Vice City, it totally altered my perception of gaming. Its a moment that totally establishes the affection for game.

      Aprreaicate your comment, and your experiance.

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