4 comments on “2013; A Great Year For Gaming?

  1. Great post! I understand your slight aversion towards Alien Colonial Marines – I’m still not entirely sure whether I’m gonna buy that myself. As for Bioshock, I have high hopes for that one, even if it has been delayed a billion times already and even though half the staff at Irrational Games eventually fled for their lives during the production stages of the title. In regards to your question, I almost always buy my games from the store. I agree with you – there is something about having a copy in your hands that is seemingly more attractive than purchasing something online. However I do agree that buying games seems to be on the verge of becoming a little more fraught with difficulty. I mean, $120 for Bioshock Infinite? Something must be rotten in Denmark!

    • The mass exodus in regards to Bioshock, has been blown out of proportion. Most of the creators, desighners etc, had pretty much finished with their respective work, so there should be little to worry about. As for the future of physical copies, well its not looking good, but as long as gaming survives, who cares right?

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. I’ve definitely bought fewer games from stores in the recent past in favor of renting them. It’s just easier on the wallet for now; plus I don’t have a huge backlog of games staring in me the face, making me feel so very guilty. Of course, I do feel a little out of the loop since it’ll sometimes take me awhile to get round to the latest game (which is old news by then, and sometimes even older, like, I still have to get round to Dragon Age II someday.)

    So far, the only game I’m planning to buy this year is GTA V, and that’s because I plan on taking my sweet time with it. If I feel a game is worth it, then yes, I’ll shell out the initial $60. And while a year or two ago I would have said “YES” to having a physical copy of a game, now-a-days, I’m warming up to digital downloads. Less clutter, easy access,(and as long as the internet is working properly) not horrible in the end.

    • Downloading is far simplier way of attaining games, cheaper too as you mentioned. Its just nice to know that I have alertnate means of acquring them.

      Appreciate your comments.

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