2 comments on “A Bugs Strife

  1. Really liked this post. Adding a potentially positive spin to the general notion of heinous bugs within games is something I have never thought about.
    I don’t know about any bugs that I found ‘funny’, but recently one bug I came across was particularly gruesome within FarCry 3. After parachuting onto an island, I suddenly could not use any of my guns; half of my HUD had disappeared, and my compass did not function correctly, with none of my mission objectives properly appearing on screen. I saved the game, quit, and when I went back to load it I found that, according to the game, a large majority of my saves from the play-through thus far were corrupted, and I inevitably lost 8 hours worth of game play. Was not very happy that day.

    • Ouch! Yes this is the potential shortcomings of glitches. Its difficult to put a positive spin on bugs when you lose so many hours of gameplay, and its even more difficult to build the enthusism to reclaim that lost progress. Good luck to you in this respect.

      Thanks again for your comments.

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