2 comments on “Should Uncharted 4 Be Co-operative?

  1. Very good post. Let’s face it – often (in my opinion) Uncharted can be a real bitch of a game to play, with challenging opponents who refuse to die, even after being shot numerous times, and parts of the map crumbling at your feet which inevitably causes the seemingly invincible Drake to go falling to his death. Very sad. Co-operative play will ultimately render much of these challenging scenarios moot, and will thus make game play easier. However, this could also be an issue for two reasons 1) is this true – a gamer will feel more amazingly powerful if they accomplish a challenging section on their own and, in doing so, acquire an award for their hard work and sacrifice? 2) Often campaigns work better in a single player environment. Your mention of Dead Space 3 is a prime example – being a survival horror game, the atmosphere and loneliness of the single player campaign is far more intense if there is no one around to help Issac Clark from the horrifying Necromorphs, Insert some friends, whether they be AI oriented or fellow gamers, and suddenly this spooky feeling will evaporate and the terror that made the original games in the franchise so potent, and thus so enjoyable, will become non-existent. Do you believe that sacrificing the original feeling/atmosphere developed in previous Drake adventures in exchange for co-operative play is such a fabulous idea?

    • Thats part of Uncharted’s charm; to frustrate you and then make you feel so accomplished when you finally overcome adversity…though it doesn’t always work out quite so pleasantly. I don’t feel as though the games overall feel would be entirely altered by the intergration of Co-op, and I welcome the notion of its inclusion, though many would beg to differ. The reason I believe that Resident Evil failed to impress with its Co-op is due to the idea that it wasn’t a voluntary inclusion, but one forced upon the player. If Uncharted could incorperate co-op without feeling like a foreign entity, that could implemented when you desired, and redundant when you felt like going alone. Not asking much am I? But with Rockstar aside, theres not a better company who could make it work.

      Thanks for your continued content to my blog, which as always appreciated.

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