2 comments on “Third Time Unlucky

  1. Ohhh that’s such a good point! With glitchy games like Skyrim, I make a habit of saving every few minutes. It’s a little ridiculous. One of the most annoying instances in Skyrim for me was facing one of those dwarven centurions and barely scraping through… then realizing my follower had somehow gotten stuck in the corner and refused to move or open dialogue with me. Naturally, I had to restart… he was my character’s husband, otherwise I might have left him there. Urgh.

    Anyway, good luck with your Skyrim adventures. I have yet to achieve platinum completion on that one, so I’m impressed this is your third time! Right now I’m actually replaying quite a few games too, due to a new Xbox LIVE account. I have to say, I am enjoying that warm fuzzy feeling from playing some of my favorite games from the past, sort of like listening to an old song on the radio and being taken back.

    • Thanks. Skyrims glitches really frustrate me. My character has recently married the shopkeeper from riverwood, and on returning to the mentioned establishment, his newly married wife appears to of disapeared, possably devoured by one of the various species of dragons. First occurance I’ve ever heard of of being jilted after the alter.

      Appreciate you comments and sympathetic experiances.

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