2 comments on “From The Silver, To The Platinum Screen

  1. Great post. You make many great arguments, however, I believe your questions are difficult to postulate a response towards. I have thought about this question in the past, and I believed that perhaps after having renowned writers involved in the gaming franchises, such may then enable the gaming sector the respect that it ultimately deserves. Since then, we have had writers the likes of John Carpenter and Steve Niles (F3AR), Drew Karpyshyn, Mac Walters (Mass Effect), Eric Nylund and others, yet still, gaming has not founded new attention. I also theorised the potential that other applications involved in the development of games might bring if these were to acquire the names of major industry professionals. After Hans Zimmer was involved in the composing the main theme in Crysis2, I think that was evident enough to prove that such avid speculation was nothing more than that, for gaming has not acquired the mantel that major blockbuster releases at the cinema have successfully acquired.
    This question, and this argument, all comes down to many factors of opinion. There is Government and psychology, both of which are often in support of banning gaming products due to the potential that they can cause danger to members of society. Then, there is religious organisations the likes of the church, who have in the past gone so far as to say that gaming is wickedly sinful. With such negative connotations surrounding the gaming industry, the only hope is for the general public to make up their own mind. Perhaps it is just a matter of taste; some people would rather watch a 90 minute film rather than play a 6hr game. Additionally, gaming is mainly a masculine past time, and without as many avid female supporters, gaming will perhaps indefinitely remain with the popularity that it has today.
    Again, great post!

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