7 comments on “Still Striving For High-Scores

  1. Very nicely written – unfortunately, I don’t think I understood half of what your wrote. Simply put, that obviously means you are far more intelligent than I. Recently I played the age old Doom and Doom 2 games which were attached to the BFG Reboot of the franchise and I really enjoyed them. It was gratifying to be involved in such interactive worlds that did not require much of the online fiasco that is brought up by games today.
    A wide variety of games are often forcing people to become involved in the interactive online worlds that are promulgated by gaming titles today, and although the restrictions and limitations that are sometimes forced upon those who are not so inclined to rush towards the multiplayer functions can be annoying, I am going to be hypocritical and say that high scores do indeed continue to mean something to me.
    Whether it be the awards that are provided in both XBOX and PS3 games, to the scores in multiplayer matches where you are ranked against fellow players and you find that you fared lower than others. Hell, even to Doom – I became frustrated that I failed to acquire 100% of all secrets in a particular level.
    So yes, I agree that you are onto something with the post that you developed here. However, I believe that gaming corporations have a requirement to cater for certain gamers, else they will lose a share of their market. Some people will want to play games that are typically online oriented. Some people will want to focus on scores and beating the opposition to ensure dominance over a game. Others, like this here commenter, may simply wish to primarily enjoy the story lines that are on occasion beautifully articulated by the writers – and in the downtime enjoy kicking the ass of anyone who dares to beat my score in multiplayer.

    • Unfortunately, the reason that you probably were confounded by my article, is probably due to the confused, slightly eratic structure of it. But neverless you seemed to of grasps more from it than I did. I have to admit to being very tempted by the arrival of Doom 3, and the subsequant previous titles packaged with it, even more enticed by your recomedation. Its also amazing how integral high scores are even today…. I guess no one still takes defeat well (certainly not me).

      Appreciate another well constructed response form you nefarious, look forward to further comments.

  2. I haven’t thought about game scores in ages, but playing through New Super Mario Wii has reminded me that games were once all about high scores. While I’m not aiming to get ALL of everything in that game, part of me can’t help but at least try for the sake of bettering my score. It’s a funny and frustrating thing. NSMBW also makes me want to play some of its predecessors, which is easy now-a-days with the Wii shop.

    I like playing a mix of old and new games. I recently played though Paper Mario and I loved it so. We have a couple Namco and Activision compilations which are also great, though maybe more so for nostalgia because some of those games are tough!

    • I’m very pleased by the great response I’ve had to this particular article, even more so by everyones current appreciation of the high score. I’ts great to see this old system still appreciated. Also, despite my biased PS3 perspective, even I’ll conceed to paper marios addictive gameplay. Damn that pirate skeleton to hell!

      Thanks for your comment, its always appreciated.

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