6 comments on “Is Gaming Suffering From A Numerical Disorder?

  1. I agree. Sequels by definition have to make up for a lack of originality, which only the first game in a series can really claim. And I find that the best “sequels” are often the ones that aren’t true sequels. For instance, Mass Effect worked because it was a trilogy and not just one sequel after another.

    On the other hand, sequels often have less clunky combat and more visually stunning graphics… while to new gamers, originals start looking dated, fast. But those improvements alone are not enough to justify a sequel when a game with an original setting, etc., could be even better!

    That being said, when I fall in love with a certain world or character, it’s hard to resist the temptation to purchase every title just to spend more time there. Devil May Cry is like that for me… for better or worse, I will purchase the next game! So I can definitely see why companies want to milk successful franchises. Hmm…

    • Its true that no matter how visually appealing a game is, within a short period of time the graphics become mediocre at best. Oblivion, which once was an incredible visual entity, has been rendered almost unplayable, if not more reliable than its successor. It is true that appreciation trancends these little visual imperfections, and in many cases I appreciate companies continuing obsession with certain sequels, because I can never get enough.

      Thanks for your comment, as always its very much appreciated.

    • Can you definitively say that there won’t be a bad Halo game? I would love to believe that games continually improve as the numbers ascend, but I just can’t believe that.

      Appreciate the comment none the less

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