4 comments on “Super Sonic Youth

  1. Great post, I totally agree with you on this. I often think how care free and easy going it is to be a child – you see children running around, screaming and playing and I find myself thinking about how in twenty years time society would have presented to them the idea of conformity and the normality that is job recruitment, taxes, relationships and all the other complicated mandates of what some consider to be the respectably practical aspect that is ‘maturity’.
    However, then there are those who disregard this notion…in 2009, a survey in Australia asked the question to a cool couple thousand blokes ‘would you rather spend the night with a woman – or spend that same night with a video game instead?’ and 79% said they would rather spend the night… with a video game. I unfortunately may happen to be one of those particular guys who fall into this category as well. My end point is this; I know that there are expectations when you reach adulthood, but should someone be penalised if they instead wish to additionally play video games and experience other like entertainment 50% of the time and devote the other 50% of their attention to professionalism rather than the full extent of their awareness.

    • It’s a disheartening feeling when you realise that the times you enjoyed as a child, will inevitably have to be relingushed as we mature (pysically, rather than mentally I find). Though it doesn’t mean that its time to hang up our respective controllers, and head directly to the gaming retirement home, where I will continuely bore my piers with my admiration of all things Uncharted and PlayStation, Whilst simultaniously making lurd comments towards the female nursing staff, as they empty my urine filled bags (hopefully not the testis variety).

      thanks again for another informed comment. I feel a great deal of sympothy for the 79% mentioned though.

  2. I started my own blog, in part, because I knew that my time with video games was taking a drastic turn. I wanted a place to codify my gaming memories because I knew I’d be making less and less of them. At the time, I had just gotten engaged, we were starting to look for a house, we were incredibly in tune with our finances — all very adult stuff — and gaming took a far backseat to it all. And now, after achieving stability, I only have a few hours a week to game, if that. I do understand what you’re saying, and there are days when I long for a return to having the free time of youth. The mere thought of having a whole day of freedom is fleeting. Even staying home “sick” from work doesn’t quite cut it. Life now, even vacations, required work and dedication. The youth should be so lucky with their freedom! Okay, so maybe I am a little bitter, but that might be some Mass Effect 3 withdrawal talking. I finally played some over the weekend and it’ll probably be another week before I get back to it. Sometimes it sucks being an adult (but sometimes it’s pretty great).

    • Glad to see other keen gamers adapting to a life after the freedom of youth. I wish you the best of luck in all your exploits, real and virtual.

      Appreciate the comment and the follow.

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