4 comments on “The First Time Is Always The Best!

  1. Really great post. Yes, in answer to your question I really did enjoy my first time. It was a few years ago now. I was in my bedroom and her and I were talking when suddenly she – no, wait, wrong memory! Yes, the first time you experience the world promulgated by a game development team is often an unfathomably vivid and visually stunning experience that has been efficaciously orchestrated beyond a level that could ever be postulated verbally or any other way imaginable for the content of that one amazing piece of entertainment that a singular individual has been lusting for such a long time now is always far greater than what one could have hoped for. Am I still talking about gaming here? God, between your title and certain aspects of my anatomy I have no idea what I am conceiving. I think what can be said is this; my first time, playing a video game I mean, and a violent shooter at that, cuz let’s face it, children’s games are child’s play, was when I was five; Heretic. I felt the experience was absolutely invigorating. I was utterly mesmerised and I have been ever since with every title I have played, for the opening always paves the way for the rest and I am one of those gamers that if not impressed in about half an hour, I just give it up, and if not for that love affair that was born at such a moment I am unfortunately certain that I would have taken the world of gaming for granted. I realised I was totally connected with the gaming environment the moment I slid off my chair to avoid a rocket been launched at my character, unable to fathom that it was not exactly going to collide with my features and remove me of certain parts – some more vital than others. Hope that feeling stays the same. Thanks for reminding me in this post about my first time. To elaborate – my first gaming experience. Cheers!

    • I think everyone has those memories stored away, where you are totally blown away by what your witnessing on the screen, unable to distinguish between whats on the screen, and what is real.

      Thanks again for your almost too elaberate comment. I recall my first time, it was a cool June afternoon, the mood was right and the…Oh great, now I’m doing it!

  2. Hey Karl,

    Nice post. The thing I really love about a new game is the surprises. I mean it’s all well and good picking up the latest Fifa or COD game and enjoying the new features and graphical improvements or picking up the latest new title which has been lauded by all in the games media but having seen screen shots, gameplay videos and tantalizing trailers you’re often left to wonder “do I even need to play this game?” by this point you know what to expect.
    Rockstar are the masters of the slow reveal and the current ad campaign for GTAV has me salivating at the prospect of exploring San Andreas again whilst leaving the actual content as something of a mystery so that when you actually play the game you still get that wow factor of finding/seeing things that you really weren’t expecting. This is why I love coming across a game I hadn’t even heard of something like Tales of Vesperia which I picked up purely because the art style appealed to me. Having never played a tales game I was pleasantly surprised by the Final Fantasy esque beautifully animated adventure.

    To summarize keep it a mystery folks…. it makes things more fun.

    Elth out.

    • The media is the worst contributer to the downfall of a game, always poking and prodding game devlopers to announce new information, leaving many of salivating at the prospects stated, when deep down we know it will never live up to expectations.

      Thanks for your comment, they are always aprreciated.

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