5 comments on “How Can You Be Heroic, Without A Villain?

  1. Great question, Karl. The God of War series jumps to mind… Kratos v. the Gods of Olympus. Kratos’ unending desire for vengeance as a husband, father, and human opposed to the indifferent arrogance of the Olympic Gods.

    • Some great examples. I love the twisted camaraderie between Ratchet & Dr Nefarious. Not to mention Qwarks bumbling, irritating Nefarious further.

      Thanks for the great examples. I was hoping people would contribute their own.

  2. Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr Robotnik (Eggman). It’s going to end with either Sonic crushed to death in a blue/red paste at the hands of the maniacally laughing Robotnik, or Sonic will just get so fed up of running, he’ll borrow one of Shadow’s guns and spray Robotnik’s brains all over the place. (That idea was rejected by Sonic Team, much to my dismay.)

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