2 comments on “Lifes A Glitch For Bethesda

  1. How do you write this stuff? Awesome words! Well worded sentences! Hilarious references!
    Judging by the fact that you refrain from using heinous profanities within your writing, I will play the part of the gentleman and not truly specify how I fail to cope with glitches. I will however use one word in its stead; Psycotoxic. Try playing this game with its billions upon billions of bugs and suddenly, all the bugs in every other game will immediatly seem obsolete – well, not really, but you may gain an insignificant amount of patience. I know I did – for about two minutes.
    Of course, the game developers could argue that the testers who played the games before they were eventually released never came across such errors. Some people can play a game and not get a single error. Others can play the exact same game title and get bombarded by errors that come flying down upon you like hell fire. Guess it’s just a matter of luck.
    Totally understand your hatred for bugs though! If all else fails, I might recommend a good insect repellent.

    • They could argue that there respective games testers were unaware of such crippling, blatant glitches, but I find it hard to believe they didn’t stumble across any of them. Though it does make you wonder exactly what glitches were uncovered, andpresumably neutralized?

      Appreciate your kind words and as always, fine opinions.

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