4 comments on “Need For Speed: Most (Un) Wanted

  1. Okay, first off – really interesting post! My interpretation was that you seemed to be attacking the whole Need for Speed franchise on its inability to make a flawless title, but I have two words for you, or maybe one – Undercover. Now, that was an alright game, probably because of another two words – Maggie Q, well three words, Maggie Q’s voice, which apart from the sound of Cortana yelling at Master Chief is quite possibly one of the sexiest things ever recorded in a video game. But that’s just my opinion.
    As for your question – no, I am not looking forward to Need for Speed Most Wanted. I used to be a huge fan of car games, but there are only so many ways you can race a car. 187 Ride or Die introduced the concept of racing cars whilst shooting at your opponents which was a rather neat, yet at the same time ridiculous trick, and after racing a couple cars on a map that looks similar to all the others for around the hundredth time, the walls begin to press down on you and you have to avoid picking up the TV screen and throwing it out the door, all red eyed and deranged. My point – car racing is car racing. Every car racing game is the same in that you race cars. I know, you can unlock other cars and on occasion you can upgrade your ride, but even after all of those features have been exploited, the game reverts back to simply been a racing car gamers’ wet dream, and unfortunately that is no wet dream of mine.
    Moreover, the online focus I feel is a rather inventive trick that could work in the favour of EA as players will now be able to see who is the best, but I think you said it best when you critiqued the negative functionality of such an aspect in your post.
    Also, Highlander would have to be one of my most favourite films of all time – great reference!

    • I’ve enjoyed the series as a whole, the more stupid the concept the better in my opinion. But I think post Most Wanted, the series has really struggled to recreate the thrill of the chase, but also lost its identity. I mean enlisting the help of Michaell Bay is just suicide. Undercover was ok, but it never really had me as immersed in the way earlier titles had. The thing that frustrates me about the new interpretation, is the idea that your main objective is to become the most wanted racer, which simply isn’t a viable achievement.

      Thanks for your wise words yet again.

  2. the lack of a solo campaign will stop me from going anywhere near this title, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the series but it’s glory days of the original Most Wanted and the first Underground are clearly dead.

    • There’s far too much emphasis on online sociality these days, in an attempt to make games more competitive and lucrative. It’s a shame too, because Need For Speed was a fun experience once! *sigh*

      Appreciate your comment.

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