2 comments on “If Your Lost, Don’t Ask Me…Unless your In Vice City!

  1. As always, great post! And fyi, I think everyone gets lost in the shops at one point or another. For me it’s the feminine section – I mean, what woman in her right mind asks her boyfriend to go pick her up some ‘tampons’ without specifying which brand? Mine it would seem…As for where I live, I know the geography of my general location as well as I know the names of Jupiter’s many moons – which I don’t btw. Whenever a person has asked me for directions on the street, only once do I honestly believe I actually pointed them in a direction that may have eventually after a couple year’s driving through the desert led them to their endeavored location. I mean, in two weeks time I am meant to get into the city for a special university workshop, and I haven’t the foggiest idea where the stupid building I’m meant to get to is. However, I have never really thought about it, but I believe you are onto something – I can remember the entire detailed map layout of games the likes of shooters like Halo, and I know where everything is on Mass Effect’s Presidium, and where everything can be found within all of the side quests without consulting a map or an online forum. Quite amazing really that such worlds are imbedded into your mind, but the real world is just not getting through. What they really need is to make a game set in Melbourne and surrounds – that way, maybe I could actually find locations in the real world after killing a bunch of blood thirsting alien monsters on Lygon street, and another few on Chapel. That’ll work.

    • It is odd how clear game worlds are, even after extended periods of time away. The only problem I can see by having a game based on my town, is that I wouldn’t be capable of finding my way around without recoiling mindeless acts of destruction I caused in game. As for tampons or any other lady products, I try to stay as far away from those sections as I can, that way I reduce the chances of getting lost in uncomfortable places. Hopefully.
      Thanks again for your continued comments. There very much appreciated.

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