2 comments on “A Week Of Gaming Abstinence: Part 1

  1. As always, great post!
    In answer to your question, I on rare occasion leave the state, and due to this, do not have to worry about being away from a gaming console, and on occasions when I have left, I have arrived in the ports of countries the likes of America, where often an XBOX or a PC is never too far away. I however do feel a little sorry for you after what you wrote in the post above about how it would seem that the inevitable paradise experience was inexplicably lost.
    However, I have not played a video game since May of this year. It was a pre-owned copy of Condemned 2, which was a very difficult game to find when it was released three years ago, which was made even more difficult now by the fact that, as mentioned, it was released three years ago! And yes, I have over the past couple months hung out with friends. I have stared at the bodies of breathtakingly beautiful women. I have watched TV shows and films. I have been riveted by the ABC (no sarcasm funnily enough). I have devoured social media. And now I feel like I am climbing the walls. I really want to play something new – unfortunately I need to wait another, I think it’s 33 days until Darksiders 2. So although I am not away from my console, I am not playing it, and that is just as bad it would seem and is causing me to become a little on edge…no new video games and no playing XBOX makes Derek a dull boy…

    • I can imagine that being in so close proximity to your console and not playing is far more tortuous, than being alienated from it. Its constantly there judging you, staring at you, enticing you to play a game you can’t yet obtain. Very frustrating! Though if you are staring at many beautiful woman as you so proclaim, then my sympathy does waver slightly. Lol.

      Again I appreciate your input. Its always a pleasure.

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