11 comments on “Gaming Lies & Delusions

  1. I don’t think games have ever influenced my interactions with anyone (other than gaming friends), but I must admit that I’ve ocassionally walked past large churches and wondered how I would ascend them, were I some sort of assassin…

    As you said though, it’s all just imagination; harmless make-believe, no different from when we’d run around as kids in the school playground, pretending to be a soldier and shooting our friends with imaginary guns…

    In fact, that sounds far worse!

    • It’s strange how growing up we believed shooting each other with figurative guns was acceptable; but I guess when your young, right and wrong are more grown up concepts.

      Perhaps I am just a little eccentric; but my mum always said I was borderline artistic….I think?

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. The main game that has affect me is Resident Evil 5, simply because I’ve played it so damn much. More than games, movies have influenced my daily life insanely:
    I can not say the name “Chris” with out yelling it in Sheva’s voice.
    I can not warn someone to “be prepared” without singing in my best Scar impression.
    I can not hear the phrase “chin up” without breaking out into songs from Charlotte’s web.
    I can not simply say “I’m late” I must quote the rabbit from Alice In Wonderland.
    I can not be invited to “play a game” with friends without saying it in the Jigsaw voice.
    I can not resist proclaiming “this is Sparta” every chance I get.
    I can not bring myself to delete the Tarzan soundtrack from my iPod.

    And my personal favorite:
    I can not say “thanks” without adding on multiple “s” sounds as the snake in Harry Potter.

    …perhaps I need professional help after all…

    • I think in general everything has some kind of subconscious affect on me; whether I’m yelling “Damn it!” when something goes wrong (24), replacing many profanities with a Nathan Drake inspired “Oh Crap!”, finishing sentences with “Thank you and goodnight, much love” (The Fonejacker), or with increasing regularity, when asked what I’m up to at the weekend, proudly stating that “I have a vagenda” (Courtesy of Walter Bishop from Fringe).

      Glad I’m not the only one consulting professional help though, this will please Dr House. Thanks for the comment.

      • OH MAN! You got Dr. House? He denied my case…said I was too easy to deal with or something like that :/

      • It wasn’t easy; I had to bribe him with copious amounts of vicodin, and the freedom to diagnose everyone we met with loopus. So far his made several predictions as to my mental frailties, all wrong, but has assured me that this is normal as it regularly takes several attempts to correctly diagnose the problem.

        I expressed my opinion that he must not be a very efficient doctor if it takes so long, and he then called me an idiot. But we are having fun.

      • At least he’s honest 🙂 And I’m glad your having fun…I still haven’t found anyone brave enough to handle me :/

      • Well, judging by our eccentric behaviour, I think even Dr House would struggle to unravel our twisted psyche. But Ha! Who needs help when we’ve got games to keep a delicate balance of equilibrium. I think I would be even more mentally incompetant without them?!

  3. Something like this happened to me two years ago. I met a teacher who I knew in high school, an attractive teacher who was say three years older than I who I always thought was quite foxy. Anyway, I had being playing ME2 religiously over the past couple days, and when she asked me if I wanted to have lunch with her and catch up I stood still like an idiot waiting for the four conversation options to appear before me. Not a good start, let me tell you, but I’m glad I ain’t the only one this happens to.

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