7 comments on “Is LA Noir Really That Impressive?

  1. LA Noire was so boring !! i don’t know about you karl. but the simplicity ? the stupid instances where you don’t get five stars for a minor mistakes ? the dumb facial expression’s what i really hate is when you have to chase someone..although the story line is incredible, the twists and turns are epic so are the cases..just wish they could have done a better job with the time and place i mean the 1940’s ? eh..let me know what you thought man ..you got some good stuff here

    • The combat situations are what really agitated me too. It was so static and repetitive and really failed to add anything to an otherwise average game. A surprising oversight by Rockstar.
      Thanks for the comment.

      • oh god !! tell me about it..you know what i really hated ? losing my hat lmao ..if was stupid not unique at all..the 1940’s not a good era to place a game in..GTA Vice City was probably the greatest and oldest game that was good

      • I know, watching your hat helplessly fly away when in pursuit of a criminal was a nuisance. But I think the 1940’s timeline would of been better suited to GTA. A period of time when corruption really became prevalent, particularly with the movie industry boom.

      • By far the best GTA is Vice City. It was fun, stupid and borderline insanity, perfectly accompanied by 80’s capturing soundtrack. I spent the majority of my adolescents engaged in this game. No other GTA hooked me so completely.

      • for me it was San Andreas and Vice City, i really hated Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories…also i wish they would have bought china town wars to a a bigger console …

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