One comment on “The Jekyll & Hyde Gamer

  1. Single-player campaigns rarely get me overly frustrated, they have to be especially difficult to get me angry. Uncharted 3 managed to do this in a couple of the game’s skirmishes, and I remember some of the Halo: Reach LASO challenges being fairly infuriating, but that’s about it for recent games.

    What really gets me is online multiplayer. If I have a particularly bad run of luck online, I usually have to stop playing a cool of for a half-hour or so, lest I lose it an do something stupid. I also can’t abide trolls. I’ll do my best not to encourage them by reacting, but every so often one will catch me on the tail-end of a bad string of matches and I end up taking the bait.

    I’m not proud of it, but everyone’s got their limits I suppose.

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