5 comments on “The Mass “Moan” Effect

  1. I just star by saying that I’m a big time Mass Effect fan. I can’t get enough of either of the games or the world that goes with them. The same can be said of Mass Effect 2, having completed it…6 times now.

    That being said, I can see where you’re coming from. The combat in ME2 is fairly different from that of ME1, and yeah it’s really much more of an immersive experience when you’ve played the 1st one. The combat in ME2 was meant to be more simplistic when compared to ME1 and it shows. You have to rely less on the various powers of yourself and your squad in order to succeed. (unlike in ME1). While I won’t complain about the extra tactics involved in having to use different ammo against different resistances, it too often devolves to me just shooting everything rather than trying to think outside the box.

    However, there are a couple of classes that rectify this: The Adept, the Engineer, and the Vanguard. Each of these focuses much less on gunplay and more on using your various powers wisely and in tactically sound ways. They make the game more challenging and fun. If you haven’t already and you find yourself with the time, I would recommend trying one of these, they make the game much more interesting. (Though not quite to the level of the original I’m afraid.)

    • For me, I feel that as a PS3 gamer, I’ve missed out on key elements of the story, which is frustrating. I know I may of seemed unfairly negative to a game that is understandably popular, and much of my experience was a joy. The suicide mission for example, was worth the wait alone. My grumblings really stemmed from the pacing and the combat. Though I’ll certainly try one of your 3 suggestion classes.

      Thanks for the comment, hope you didn’t feel I was being too aggressive towards Mass Effect.

  2. Hi Karl, I understand your opinion fully, I’m a PC gamer and after having played the game 6 times now (1x PS3, 1x XBOX, 4x PC) I have to say… Mass Effect 2 was simply not made for the Playstation 3. In fact, I’d say (maybe I am biased though) that the game is a marvel on the PC even though it’s XBOX appeal is so thoroughly applied by Bioware. My reasons for saying this is because of the powers.

    if Mass Effect 1 and 2 were strictly point-and-shoot then gameplay would be fine and everyone would be happy; but such reliance on powers especially in crowd situations and harder difficulties forces the console gamer to pause more often. This is what took away my joy when I played on console, and the reason I only did one playthrough. Also, I felt exactly the same disappointment with Dragon Age specifically on PS3.

    But anyway, those were combat-related. As for platforms, no one can blame Bioware for intentionally making a franchise for PC and XBOX, then submitting to the demands of the PS3 faithful who also wanted to taste Game of The Year.

    • I probably had more of a quarrel with Dragon Age than I did with Mass Effect (particularly Origins), which is an obvious pc game.

      Appreciate your insight, especially your experience with Mass Effect in various incarnations. Cheers.

  3. It s not up to the scale of DRAGON AGE ORIGINS where your party members would be constantly bickering with each other as you traipse around, but it feels a lot less sterile than MASS EFFECT.

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