3 comments on “Easy Does It; Your Not A Coward For Making Gaming Easy For Yourself

  1. Good point, and bravely written! You are quite right in that unless I have completed a game on the hardest difficulty, or collected all of the achievements/trophies then I’m branded as a casual gamer, or newbie.

    Games should be FUN. If getting your ass handed to you repeatedly until you manage to time an attack just right and win the mission/round out of sheer luck is rewarding and satisfying to you folks, by all means go crazy. For me, I wish more games had easier difficulty levels. A couple of games will forever stick in my memory of being WAY too hard. The end boss in Dead or Alive 4 (the weird Kasumi hologram thing), and the final boss in Ninja Gaiden 2. Both of those games were fun up until those points. I managed to get that far in the games and then got ripped off by cheap AI just before I finished them.

    I like the fact that games like God of War will give you an option to change to easy mode if you die over 5 times in the same place. I thank Santa Monica for putting this feature in, it certainly kept me playing, which is mutually beneficial to both player and developer.

    • Being able to alter the difficulty level is such a undervalued accessory. I think I’ve only ever played a few games where you have a set difficulty, that can’t be altered, that have felt balanced. Vice City instantly springs to mind. Even when you continually failed to complete a mission, you never felt unfairly treated or bored, it was always fun! It took me at least 5 attempts to complete the mission where you were tasked with planting bombs at a building site, with a RC helicopter, and I thoroughly enjoyed every failure, and eventual success.

      Thanks for all your comments, they are very much appreciated!

      • Ha! I remember that mission, but not much past it. I wonder if that’s where I stopped playing?

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