4 comments on “Skyrim: Playing The Bad, Good Guy

  1. You will love the darkbrotherhood unlimited kill contracts endless blood flow and all the booty your iner jew can carry unlike you my killer strikes with arrows and prefers taking my victims wen the nap nice n quiet I wish you luck on your plunders

    • I just know the dark brotherhood is going to be fun, and gruesome by the sounds of things. Want to complete the more mundane events first before beginning it though. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. no other rpg that lets you do things like this? Mate… the Fable series ring a bell? Oh, and Black And White (though not exactly an rpg) did this too. Skyrim is hardly original on this aspect. Its a good game, no question about it, but its not a new concept. Just one that is used very rarely.

    • True that Fable allows the same good/bad persona, but I’m coming at this from a PS3 perspective. But in the fairness of console equality, I will alter this post so that it’s not as suggestive.

      Thanks for the frank, but fair comment.

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